Six Solutions for Big Fish Swimming in the Wrong Pond

Six Solutions for Big Fish Swimming in the Wrong Pond

Do you need solutions to help you attract clients who appreciate and compensate the quality of your work?

It could be that you are a Big Fish, but you’re swimming in the wrong pond.

If you listened to last week’s episode, I spoke about a phenomena that happens when people are growing in their business and stretching into new territory. I compared it to being a small fish trying to swim or have an impact in a big pond. There’s another dynamic that I think is worth exploring. It’s when somebody really is a big fish, but their results are limited because they’re trying to swim in the wrong environment.

The solution to this challenge can mean the difference between merely surviving and thriving. When you are in survival mode, it becomes more difficult to uphold the quality of your work and find joy in your experience. If what is your unique “big fish” talent is turned into a commodity, your positive feelings around your business and its contribution are diminished. Over time, your confidence is also diminished.

What if both the challenge and the solution are found in your environment?

Success does not happen in a vacuum. It’s an exchange of time, money and sometimes time and money for something of perceived value. If you or your business is a big fish and the pond is either too small or not fertile, listen to this episode for six potential solutions that will help you return your business to the state it was intended – a means of bringing your majestic talent into the world.

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