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James Victore: Feck Perfuction! Embrace Creative Leadership

James Victore is a MoMA artist, designer, and author of Feck Perfuction – Dangerous Ideas on the Business of Life.

James Victore joins Laura to explore his book Feck Perfection and creativity as an essential leadership skill in our suddenly changed world.

Highlights from this conversation, recorded on March 26, 2020:

  • How social isolation and physical distancing have affected James Victore’s day to day life and business.
  • Why we can’t operate out of fear and resistance.
  • The importance of establishing a new normal.
  • Why being weird is our original default, and a source of power.
  • What happens when creatives choose to fight.
  • What James would like to see come out of our time of challenge.
  • Fear and scarcity vs becoming resourceful
  • The role of creativity, innovation and humour in emerging as a leader.

Memorable Quotes:

On leadership: “Part of the problem with the world right now is creativity on a cultural level comes from top down. The world has very few creative leaders right now.”

On his role as a leader: “All I can do is keep moving and keep doing what I’m doing and try to come at it from a place of love and compassion and creativity. And to be of service.”

Mentioned in this episode:

James’  book Feck Perfuction

Website:  jamesvictore.com

Instagram: @jamesvictore

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