Julie Min - From Tragedy and Survivors Guilt to Forgiveness, Happiness and Love

Julie Min: From Tragedy and Survivor’s Guilt to Forgiveness, Happiness and Love

Psychic and spiritual counselor Julie Min shares her experience of healing from survivor’s guilt

This conversation with Julie Min took place several months ago. In fact, it was the first interview recorded for the show. Once we had it, and knew what the content was, it didn’t seem like the right time to release it.

I decided to hold the episode until October because it’s the anniversary of our shared traumatic experience, never anticipating that many of the topics we explore like having a peak-to-pit experience and living with survivor’s guilt would be in the news again.

Julie is a psychic and spiritual counselor who helps people connect with the truest version of themselves. I hope you are inspired by this conversation, as we share not just some of our challenges, but what it’s been like to return to a state of forgiveness, happiness and love.


  • Why Julie chose to participate in the documentary Enlighten Us (4:00)
  • Why it’s good to be able to talk about difficult subjects. (12:50)
  • Survivor’s guilt (15:35)
  • How Julie relates to God as a psychic. (19:18)
  • Julie describes how she uses her gift to help people be true to themselves. (21:05)
  • What she has to say to someone who is having a peak-to-pit or survivor’s guilt experience right now (24:40)
  • How forgiveness is the way we can heal.
  • The concept of spiritual alignment.
  • The importance of becoming integrated in all the roles we play in life. (40:42)
  • Julie speaks about LOVE (47:12)

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