5 Life Lessons from the Yoga Mat Free Your Inner Guru Laura Tucker

5 Life Lessons from the Yoga Mat

What happens when you return to the mat after a 10 year hiatus from yoga? Free Your Inner Guru™ host Laura Tucker shares five life lessons from fifty returns to the mat.

What happens when you return to the mat in the middle of a bout of vertigo?

It wasn’t easy.

Or painless.

Or pretty!

But it was worth it.

Mind, body, and spirit, yoga is an integrative practice. It aligns you with a holistic approach to living, working, and being.

The more integrative we can be with our life.  The more generous we can be with ourselves and others.

“There is no such thing as life and work balance.  There is only life.” – Seth Godin

In this podcast, I share five stories and lessons that can be applied to every area of life.


Fifty plus sessions later, it’s turns out it was a good thing I stuck with it, and that I can laugh at myself.

En-joy the episode!

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