Why Powering Through is No Good For You

Why Powering Through Is No Good For You

Have you ever felt burned out because you’ve been powering through?

Just do it.

Feel the fear and do it anyways.

Pretty much every marketing message in the self help industry

We live in a culture that glorifies forcing ourselves through perceived physical and mental limitations.  There are times when it makes sense to dig deep and get stuff done.  Focused, purposeful action is necessary to create winning results. But the one thing just about every marketing message in the self help industry misses is that powering through is not a sustainable long term strategy.

Having a lot of energy to get things done can serve you well. But there are times when powering through is no good for you.

Believe me when I say I know first hand – I got caught in a powering through pattern last week.

There is a difference between powering through and being productive. In today’s Free Your Inner Guru episode we’re going to explore why – despite the common belief that it’s heroic to power through all the time – it’s almost never true.

Powering through your environments to the point where things start to break down is no good for me, and it’s no good for you. However, it’s always an opportunity to find the underlying pattern and reclaim your power.

Listen now to hear how having a fractured foot and a car that wouldn’t start helped to point me in a more empowering direction.

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