Going Deeper Into Your WHY - Simon Sinek

Going Deeper Into Your WHY – Simon Sinek

Welcome to the first episode of the fall season of Free Your Inner Guru!

Today we are launching our new brand, and I have a ton to share from an event I attended recently where I heard Simon Sinek – one of my favourite authors and speakers – share his wisdom at a live event in Toronto.

Simon Sinek is the author of Start With Why

Start With Why is a perennial bestseller that I recommend to each of my clients when they start their journey with me. His work has influenced my life and my work. I walked away with a deeper understanding of why your why is important.

Key points in this episode:

Introducing the new Free Your Inner Guru brand:

  • What’s the meaning behind the new brand?
  • The heart is for love, leadership and the courage it takes to live an open-hearted way.
  • The spiral is for the journey of life – it’s not a linear path.  We keep coming back to the same lessons and events with new understanding.
  • Kudos to the designer – Sherpa Creative

Simon Sinek and Your WHY (5:15)

  • is who you are at your natural best.
  • doesn’t change.
  • is your origin story.
  • is the thing you are responsible to share with everybody else.
Your why is the thing you are responsible to share with everybody else. - #SimonSinek Click to Tweet


The role tragedy plays in your WHY (8:19)

Knowing your WHY

  • helps you become a better leader.
  • helps you scale so you can serve more people (10:40)

How do you get to your WHY?  (11:30)

  • He shared “a fun way to get to your WHY” that I, in turn, share with you in this podcast.

Mentioned in this episode:

Simon Sinek’s TED Talk – How Great Leaders Inspire Action

Simon Sinek’s Book – Start With Why

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