Happy New Year Welcome to the Great 2018

Happy New Year – Welcome to The Great 2018

“If 2018 is going to be great for someone, it might as well be you!”

I wrote these words in my journal the morning of New Years Day.

In this episode of the Free Your Inner Guru Podcast, we explore the recent past to find solutions to guide you forward to a great 2018 and beyond.

Ten years ago we were entering The Great Recession, a global phase where harsh economic reality, fear and fearmongering ruled the day.  As we head into 2018 we face a harsh leadership reality that incites uncertainty, fear and fearmongering.

If you’re going to make it a great 2018, you must choose your focus wisely. Rather than fear or focus on conditions you can’t control, the best you can do individually and collectively is focus on becoming the best leader you can be.

The Great Recession and the self development journey it prompted taught me many valuable lessons that apply (if possible) more today.  I share them today via

Remember – you can become the leader you want to see in the world.  Everything you need is inside of you.  Your job is to find it and bring it into the world.

Happy Great 2018.


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