Want to Create Winning Results? Focus on Your Becoming

Want to Create Winning Results? Focus on Who You’re Becoming

Who you are becoming is at the center of a powerful ripple effect in your life. Do you ever stop and take a moment to figure out who that is?

Today’s Free Your Inner Guru episode is the first in the four part series – 3 Keys to Create Winning Results and 1 Major Pitfall to Avoid.

We all create a ripple effect in our lives.  The catalyst at the center of  your ripple is who you are becoming. Your ripple effect is started by you.  It’s either conscious and intentional – or it’s happening by default.  Either way, it’s always happening.

This is why you can have 200 people taking the same action or looking for the same result.  You will have 200 different WHYs and 200 different outcomes.  Get clear on your why and who you want to become, and you will  create your best results.

Today’s episode will help you get clear on who you are becoming and the important role it plays in your life.

Mentioned in this episode

Simon Sinek – Start With Why:  How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action

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